Common Resources

Chair: Matias de la Fuente, Aachen, Germany

"Common Resources" intends to share links with our members that might be useful in research related to CAOS. Contact the authors for further information.

CAOS International is not responsible for the content of the external websites.

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Name / LinkCiting referencesNotes
3D SlicerDOIImage Visualization / Segmentation
ITK SnapDOIImage Segmentation
MeshLabbibTeXMesh Processing
OpenFlipperDOIMesh Processing


Name / LinkCiting referencesNotes
VTK – The Visualization Toolkit-Libraries for medical image visualization
ITK – The Insight Toolkit-Image processing algorithms
Pelvic Landmark IdentificationDOI DOILandmark Identification on pelvic meshes


mrl.sci.utah.eduHipCT30DOI DOI DOI
www.tlemsafe.euLegCT, MRI1DOICadaver BodyCT100DOICadaver
simtk.orgKneeMRI10DOIFunctional data
github.comPelvis, FemurMesh20DOICadaver
www.meditec.hia.rwth-aachen.deKneeUpright MRI, Mesh10DOIFunctional data
orthoload.comHip, Knee, Shoulder, SpineInstrumented implants, motion capture<10-In-vivo joint forces, functional data
Benjamin Hohlmann (mediTEC)KneeUS16-Segmentation of bone surface

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