Focus Group Applied Biomechanics

Chairs: Josh Giles, Victoria, Canada and Klaus Radermacher, Aachen, Germany

Biomechanic research has a long lasting tradition and there are many national and international societies fostering basic research in biomechanics of the musculo-skeletal system for a better understanding of fundamental principles. Basic principles of biomechanics have been introduced to orthopaedic surgery by early pioneers like Friedrich Pauwels in 1927 using mechanical modelling for the planning of a repositioning osteotomy and first successful surgical therapy of a femoral neck pseudarthrosis. Allthought advances in computer technology offer new options to integrate biomechanics in the clinical workflow for planning of surgical therapy and rehabilitation, biomechanical modelling and simulation still is not broadly established in clinical routine. Whereas the relevance of morpho-functional biomechanics for the therapeutical outcome is widely accepted, the availability and application of efficient and validated tools for routine CAOS is still limited.

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Major objectives and activities:

  • Evaluation of existing biomechanical models and tools relevant for CAOS (hip, knee, spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle)
  • Development of efficient clinical workflows for its integration into clinical routine (clinical pathways, approaches, information processing and instrumentation); (in cooperation with other related CAOS Focus Groups)
  • Collection and exchange of open source databases on software tools, morpho-functional datasets (images, 3D-models, gait analysis, test rig measurement data, …) and anonymized clinical data (in cooperation with other related Focus Groups)
  • Cooperation and exchange on methods and tools for in-silico, in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo analysis (software, test rigs, equipment, sensors, …)
  • Precompetitiv cooperation on the development and exchange of instruments and tools for surgical planning & simulation and intraoperative application of (instruments, sensors, surgical approaches and techniques…)
  • Education and Training (workshops, summer schools, fellowships,…)
  • Joint presentation of activities on annual CAOS meetings and other international conferences

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