Focus Groups

Since 2019, focus groups can be proposed to the Executive Board via the Secretary General by at least two active members. The proposal should contain a short description of the background and motivation, objectives and a tentative list of participants as well as a time frame (1-3 years maximum).


To prepare (and chair) thematic preconference workshops for an upcoming annual conference on actual topics (e.g. oncology, economics , AI, digital OR, robotics..., open sources...;. examples of CAOS2017-2019 conferences for more information).


To establish a continuous cooperation for 1-3 years in order to establish specific activities in CAOS (e.g. joint databases, open source software tools, elaboration of standards, clinical guidelines or SOPs..., training & education activities...; topics to be proposed and discussed...).


a) + b)

If approved by the Executive Board, the focus groups also have the possibility to apply for CAOS grants (up to an annual maximum of 2000 $ based on proposals submitted to the Executive Board) for focus group workshops, meetings, joint research activities, establishment of database infrastructures or other activities of common interest for the society.

Focus groups should report on their activities on annual meetings of the society (e.g. preconference workshops, conference paper contributions (podium and/or poster).

Typically the approval of Focus Groups by the Executive Board will be valid for 1-3 (maximum) years. Re submissions of proposals (i.e. for prolongation of an activity or subsequent activities of the same group) to the Executive Board are possible.

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