* M.E. Mueller Award 2024 goes to Kamal Deep, MD, UK* Combined ISCAOS plus CAOS-UK membership option available

Dear colleagues,

Welcome on the website of the CAOS international society! For more than twenty years we bring together engineers, researchers and clinicians, to transform orthopedic surgery, to design a new future, to create new paradigms.

Applied mathematics, computer vision, medical image processing, biomechanics, robotics, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, big data processing, cybersecurity are parts of our sources of inspiration.

By taking the best of each community our members are working all around the world to give birth to new prototypes! By merging academics and industrial partners these prototypes are transformed into innovative products used by the surgeons for the benefit of patients!

Assessing these news devices, making them accessible trough initial and continuous education programs, organizing student mentoring programs are some of our main’s activities.

Our annual international CAOS meeting is the best place to exchange ideas, meet colleagues and friends, learn from workshops, create networks… We hope to welcome you there one day, we hope you to act as active members of the society…

We hope you will be an actor of the future. A future where our knowledges and intelligence in the use of resources will help use to preserve the planet.

Eric Stindel, MD, Ph. D.
Chairman, Executive Board

Technical Innovation

Clinical Research

Interdisciplinary Discussions

Education & Training

Pauwelsstr. 20, DE-52074 Aachen, Germany
+49 241 80 23873 |