Focus Group Cooperative Surgical Robotics

Chairs: Kamal Deep, MD, Glasgow, UK and Matias de la Fuente, PhD, Aachen, Germany

Automation and robotics are becoming increasingly important in the operating room. While robotics has its strength in high repeatability and efficiency without fatigue, only a surgeon can react appropriately to unexpected events during an operation.
Robotics is therefore no longer simply an autonomous tool - rather, a major challenge lies in supporting the synergy of surgeon and technology.
In this context, this focus group aims to bring together interested parties (Surgeons, Engineers, Researchers, Students, Academicians, Industry, IT professionals) with the following objectives.

If you are member of CAOS International and you are interested to participate in the focus group activities and related information please contact:

Major objectives and activities:

  • Discuss state of the art and new technical advances in terms of their clinical benefit and usability in the context of CAOS
  • Derive new strategies and research questions
  • Encourage international cooperation and participation
  • Education and Training (workshops, summer schools, fellowships,…)
  • Joint presentation of activities on annual CAOS meetings and other international conferences

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