Benefits for Members of the
International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.


A) Personal Active (50$) and Student (25$) Membership


  • Reduced rates for annual meetings
  • Right for active and passive election,
  • Eligible to propose and (co-) chair focus group activities,
  • Eligible to participate in focus groups
  • Access to restricted member area on the web site (databases, open source, internal documents, proceedings),…
  • Eligible to host annual meetings of the society (after at least 3 years of personal active membership)
  • (student members) Eligible for mentoring / fellowship / traveling grant programs,

B) Active plus ISCAS (80 US$)


  • same as Personal Active Membership - but also includes the membership of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery (ISCAS)

C) Institutional Memberships (e.g. associations and research institutes) (400$) :

Any established major research society can become an institutional member when admitted by a majority of the Executive Committee. Research Institutes and Clinics can become Institutional Members provided that they are considered to take key functions for new developments in Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

  • 1 personal active membership (typically the head of institute or another senior researcher active nominated by the institute willing to act as mentor and hosting students in a research lab/clinic (describe key activities + link to be listed in the reference sites list)
  • Up to 3 student memberships (eligible for student mentoring program and reduced conference fees),
  • Eligible to be listed as CAOS reference lab (incl. short profile of activities) on the CAOS home page
  • 1 institutional poster at annual CAOS meetings (non-peer reviewed poster in the exhibition area (i.e. not as part of the scientific poster sessions but as a part of exhibition informing on the institute activities and profiles)
  • Opportunity to post job offers on the member webpage
  • Opportunity to provide one flying banner image with legend ("courtesy of institute xyz") for CAOS home page
  • Opportunity to apply for CAOS grants (small grants o e.g. 500-2000 € based on proposals submitted to the exec board) for the hosting of CAOS student group field trips
  • 250$ discount on the annual meeting exhibition fees …

D) Corporate Membership Application

Small Enterprise (<30M$ - based on self declaration) fee 1000$
Medium and Large Enterprise (>30M$ - based on self declaration) fee 2500$

"Corporate members will be active, but non-voting members of the Society. Corporate members can sit on committees and focusgroups but not chair any committee or focus group except the Commercial Partners Committee"(Int Soc. CAOS bylaws)

  • Are listed with logos and links as corporate sponsors on the society home page
  • Opportunity to post job offers on the member webpage
  • Invitation to actively participate to the annual CAOS conference commercial partners committee (consulting the local organisers)
  • Opportunity to be partner for CAOS student group field trips to industry and research labs
  • Eligible for participation/organising (only if also exhibitor @ the conference) to annual young investigator speed dating workshops at the annual CAOS meeting ("students meet industry") which could be preconf or during a specific sessions of annual meetings of the society
Please use the online form for Personal Membership.
If you are interested in an institutional or corporate membership, please contact:
Dr. Klaus Radermacher, PhD - Secretary General
International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
Helmholtz-Institute Aachen,
Pauwelsstrasse 20,
D-52074 Aachen,
T: +49-241-80-23873
F: +49-241-80-22870