Open networked OR of the future presented at DMEA 2023

The Focus group SOPS4DORS is cooperating with the non-profit association OR.NET since 2020. In April 2023 the open networked OR of the future has been presented at the DMEA (see figure) at the OR.NET booth. Hospital operators, clinical users and medical device manufacturers were able to see the benefits of ISO IEEE 11073 SDC communication standard live on site with an open connected and central surgical OR workstation. In this context, our focus group is working together with the OR.NET association on standardized extended SOPs (additional technical and HMI profiles and configurations) for orthopedic surgery, in order to enable comprehensive risk management and usability engineering and therefore to optimize the intraoperative workflow of open integrated ORs of the future.

If you are interested in the latest results and developments, please contact Dr.-Ing. Armin Janß from the Chair of Medical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University: