The mission of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery is to provide an active link between clinical reality, basic research, computer science and application oriented engineering research for an interdisciplinary development and evaluation of innovative solutions for a better health care. To date, the majority of innovative CAOS solutions have been initially proposed and evaluated on CAOS meetings. Apart from international interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation for and a practical transfer and implementation of scientific findings, the education of our students from different disciplines and specialties is a major objective.

CAOS members build an unique interdisciplinary community of clinical experts (about 50%) and engineers as well as computers scientists. This interdisciplinarity is also reflected in our boards and thematic focus groups, the traditionally single track joint interdisciplinary annual meetings with clinical as well as technical best paper and poster awards - and last but not least – in the impressive list of clinical and technical pioneers who received the prestigous M.E.Müller Award for excellence in Computer Assisted Surgery and Honorary Members of our society.

For the transfer of innovations into approved clinically usable commercial products as well as to foster education, training for patient safety and to prepare our student for their career in clinic, research or industry, the cooperation with established industrial partners and innovative start-ups is crucial. Therefore, we explicitly invite industrial partners to cooperate as corporate members of our society.