Membership Account FAQ's


CAOS-International runs “aMember”, a web-based software program for registration and self-management of membership data. You can sign up for membership and re-new your existing membership through your web browser. This document explains some of aMember’s features and gives instructions for common tasks.

Signing up

To join CAOS-International as a member, click “Membership Application” on the left and follow the instructions. Please note: if you want to delegate the maintenance of your membership to someone, please enter this person’s email address as well as yours into the signup form (comma-separated). Please read also section “Payment” below.
After completion of your registration, you will be automatically added to CAOS-International’s mailing list and will receive one or several automatically generated emails with additional instructions/information. In addition, you’re kindly invited to submit a portrait photograph of yourself for inclusion into the Annual Yearbook.

Your personal aMember account

Once you’ve signed up, a personal account will be created in aMember. To log in, go to

In your personalized area you can
- Change your user profile (username, password, contact details). Please note: If your membership includes free subscription to the printed edition of the journal Computer Aided Surgery, your address details will be used for shipment.
Please make sure to keep them up-to-date!


aMember is linked to a secure payment processor (“Datatrans”). During signup or membership renewal, you will be redirected to Datatrans’s secure web page. You may use your Visa or MasterCard to complete the payment. After successful validation of your credit card, you are redirected back to aMember’s (insecure) web pages. Most web browsers will issue a security warning at this step, which you can safely ignore – no sensitive data is transmitted at that point in time.
If you cancel the redirection, aMember will not update your registration/renewal correctly!

Payment receipts

Payment receipts are available on your personal “Members-only” page (see above).