Opportunities create a golden chance for organisations to be a part of a network of people at vanguard, leading the world of orthopeadic surgery. That will generate and constitute a chance for the organisations to represent their country and faculty in conferences and meetings and help countries in promoting advanced technology.
Another great benefit of CAOS membership is that organisations and individuals will carry out multiple research projects.


1. Kindly do your literature research before planning a project.
2. Once you are happy, it is worth carrying out the project, proceed.

3. Make a detailed research project plan under different headings e.g

  • Introduction: Why you are carrying out this project.
  • Method: How you will be conducting the research study and how you will be analyzing your results including costs.
  • Costs: If there are costs involved, how do you plan to fund them.Once this project plan is completed, send it to us.

4. Once the project has been reviewed, it will be sent to the other members for the collaboration.

5. Some of the projects may not create interest. We take no responsibility about the number of people who will be interested in your project.
6. We may put the project on our website to create more interest. If you are not happy with this, let us know.
7. Kindly submit your research to the Secretary General at or