Since 1995 five CAOS-Symposia (Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery) were held in Bern and Davos, Switzerland.
In 1997 started CAOS/USA, the North American program, which was held since then on an annual basis.
With the foundation of CAOS-International, the sixth CAOS-Symposium has become the First Annual Society Meeting in 2001.
In the same year we still continued with CAOS/USA.
From 2002 on CAOS/USA has been integrated into the annual meetings.

The Inaugural Meeting of our International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgeryplace on February 19, 2000 in Davos at 7:00 a.m. During this assembly, the membership accepted the draft of the by-laws for the Society proposed by Lutz-P. Nolte and Anthony M. DiDioia. After discussion, the by-laws were unanimously approved and the foundation of the Society was established. In our first vote, the executive officers were unanimously elected, composed of the following members:

Dr. Lutz-P. Nolte President
Dr. Anthony M. DiGioia First Vice-President
Dr. Pietro F. Reggazzoni Second Vice-President
Dr. André Bauer Secretary General
Dr. Branislav Jaramaz Treasurer
Dr. Willy A. Kalender By-Law Chairman

All officers accepted their position. In addition, the membership accepted to CAOS-International as the offcial abbriviation of our society.