CAOS Fellowships

CAOS fellowships committed in providing new approach to the organisations and individuals in developing their CAOS practice and providing the highest quality research to meet the global requirement. CAOS fellowship scheme is a first step in developing the next generation of surgeons and researchers with the greatest potential in different areas.

There is a great opportunity for organisations and individuals becoming members of this prestigious organisations at the forefront of the technology.

CAOS membership enhances your profile and also furnishes a chance for attracting more customers for organisations and hospitals.

Opportunities create a golden chance for organisations to be a part of a network of people at vanguard, leading the world of orthopaedic surgery. That will generate and constitute a chance for the organisations to represent their country and faculty in conferences and meetings and help countries in promoting advanced technology.

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For clinical or scientific enquiries, please contact

Fellowship Lead: Prof Mahmoud A Hafez

For adminstrative enquiries, please contact