Criteria and application for CAOS reference clinics

If you like to register your practice as a CAOS Reference Clinic, please fill this questionnaire.
1) Please provide your contact details
Address :
Telephone :
Email :
Website :
2) Please list types of CAOS procedures in your practice (e.g. navigation, robotics, patient specific instruments, etc.)
3) When did your clinic first use CAOS technology for this type of intervention?
4) Which percentage of this type of interventions is performed conventionally (i.e., without using any CAOS system)?
5) On average, how many of these CAOS surgery is your clinic performing per month?
6) How many surgeons of your team are trained (more than one year of experience) in using CAOS for these interventions?
7) What system (e.g., name of manufacturer or 'in-house development') are you using?
8) Who is the most experienced CAOS user of your team?
9) When did this person first apply CAOS technology intraoperatively?
10) Who of your team is a member of CAOS-International?
11) Can you train a CAOS fellow for one month? When?
12) What kind of accommodation could you arrange for a potential scholar (e.g., clinic's residential accommodation)?
13) Remarks
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