CAOS 2023

The 22nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) took place in Pattaya, Thailand, from June 7th to 10th 2023.

Best Clinical Podium Award

1st - "Are patient reported outcome measures sensitive enough: Making the case for functional biomechanical assessment of navigated total hip arthroplasty patients". H. Leonard, A. Ewen, H. Triplicane Dwarakanathan, K. Deep.

2nd - "Does Robotic Assistance help with bone preservation in Total Knee Replacement?". V. Roheet, A. Kannan.

3rd - "Robotic versus conventional primary total knee arthroplasty: clinical and radiological long-term results with a minimum follow-up of fifteen years". J. Seon, H. Y. Yang and C. J. Yim.

Best Technical Podium Award

1st - "Automated analysis of femoral over-/underhang and bone coverage of OTS TKA implants". S. Grothues, K. Radermacher.

2nd - "Three-dimensional analysis of scapula in a standing position: evaluation of the accuracy". H. Letissier, C. Andro, C. Garraud, P. Deransart, E. Stindel, G. Dardenne.

3rd - "3D Reconstruction of Femur using Ultrasound - Hand Guided Evaluation and Autonomous Robotic Approach". L. Phlippen, B. Hohlmann, K. Radermacher.

Best Clinical Poster Award

1st - "Accuracy and precision of cementless and cemented stem placement using CT-based navigation". T. Hiraiwa, K. Tokunaga.

2nd - "Correlation between score values and morphofunctional parameters in THA". L. Berger, K. Tokunaga, K. Radermacher.

3rd - "Comparison of Acetabular Cup Positioning between Robotic Arm-Assisted Versus Computed Tomography-Based Navigation Total Hip Arthroplasty". A. Shimizu, S. Murakami, D. Urashima, M. Takao.

Best Technical Poster Award

1st - "Drill Tool Alignment by a Force Controlled Smart Handpiece". H.-C. Zuo, Y.-C. Hsieh, S.-S. Hung, P.-L. Yen.

2nd - "Measurement of Osteotomy Angle to the Femoral Neck Axis using three dimensional-computed tomography after Curved Varus Osteotomy for Osteonecrosis of the Femoral". T. Kutsuna, S. Sakai, K. Kono, N. Mashima, M. Takao.

3rd - "The accuracy of Dr LCT; Newly developed multi-axial Robotarm System". S.-H. Lee, S.-H. Yoon, W. Jung-Hoon.

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