By-laws of




Section 1.

Membership in the Society will be limited to individuals with demonstrated continuing interest in the field of computer assisted orthopaedic surgery. All active and senior members will have equal status. Annual payment of subscriptions, as these shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly is required.

Section 2.

Membership shall be offered upon reviewed application filed by the candidate or invitation. Any Person wishing to become a member of the Society shall apply in writing to the Secretary of the Society. Additionally, prospective active members can apply by submitting the application form provided on the Society's website.

Applications shall be reviewed and admitted by one of the following organs: the Membership Committee, the Executive Committee, the General Assembly, the Secretary of the Society or the Secretary's delegate. The new member shall acquire membership rights and duties as soon as it has been admitted.

Section 3.

Restrictions and limitations on the number of members may be determined by a majority of the active members at a General Assembly.

Section 4.

Expulsion from Membership

a) This may be initiated if complaints or charges relative to a member are received in writing. These would then be referred to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee would cause such investigation to be made as conforms to due process and submit a report to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee could either act affirmatively or negatively upon the allegations. If the allegations were felt to be of sufficient seriousness to warrant removal from membership, this must be accomplished by a vote of the members at a General Assembly of the subsequent Annual Meeting and will require three-fourths of the vote of the members present and voting to remove from membership.

b) Failure to make annual payment of dues after due notification (as these shall be established by the Executive Committee) will automatically result in cancellation of membership and attendant privileges.

c) Failure to comply with Article IV, Section 1 and Section 3, will subject the member to a review of his membership status.

Section 5.

Classification of membership

a) Active Membership:
Active members shall only be obliged to pay the annual subscription dues as set forth in Article VII, Section 1. An active member is entitled to vote and hold office.

b) Senior Membership:
There is a mandatory change of status to Senior Membership at the age of 60 years or at the discretion of the Society, if retiring from his professional status. A senior member is not required to pay annual subscription dues. A senior member may attend Annual Meetings and participate in discussions. He will retain voting rights and can be elected to office. In order to receive the Computer Aided Surgery Journal senior members will, however, have to pay to the Society the amount charged by the Editor for a subscription.

c) Honorary Membership:
Proposal for Honorary Membership will be made by the Membership Chairman upon direction of the Executive Committee. Election to Honorary Membership requires three-fourths of the vote of the active members present and voting. An Honorary Member may attend Annual Meeting, participate in discussions and has voting rights. Honorary Members will be neither candidates for elective office nor committee appointment. An Honorary Member will not be charged subscription dues.

d) Corporate Membership:
All Corporate members will be active, but non-voting members of the Society. Corporate members can sit on committees but not chair any committee except the Commercial Partners Committee.

e) Institutional Membership:
Any established major research society can become an institutional member when admitted by a majority of the Executive Committee. Institutional members shall be obliged to link to the Society's website. In return the Society shall link to the website of the institutional members. Universities and Hospitals meet the requirements for qualification for the Institutional Membership provided that they are considered to take key functions for new developments in Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery. Institutional members shall be obliged to pay the annual subscription dues.


Section 1.

Non-members are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting. They are considered guests of the Society, but are required to pay the usual fees for the meeting.

Authors of papers and/or posters presented at the Annual Meeting who are not members of the Society are considered guests of the Society, but are required to pay the usual fees for the meeting.

Section 2.

The President, Secretary, and Conference Chairman may extend invitations to an Annual Meeting at their discretion. The President may waive the requirement for payment of registration fees for the meeting in the case of a Presidential Guest Speaker.


Section 1.

The officers of the Society shall be a President, a First Vice- and Second Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a By-law Chairman. If possible the mentioned officers shall equally represent by their education and activities members of the technological side and the clinical side of Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

The President, First Vice- and Second Vice-President shall be elected for a term of one year. The Second Vice-President will ascend to the Presidency after the First Vice-President. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be elected for a term of three years. Additionally, there will be the position of a Secretary-Elect who will sit on all committee meetings and meetings with the Secretary for purposes of better continuity of the meetings within the Society. The Secretary Elect will be nominated at the end of the second year of the Secretary's term. The By-law Chairman shall be elected for a five-year term.

The Site Conference Chairman shall automatically be appointed Second Vice-President and member of the Executive Committee for the first year after the Annual Meeting has been informed about the Executive Committee's resolution and First Vice-President for the year after. These two years shall be followed by a term of Presidency of the Society which shall be the year prior to the Annual Meeting.
The inauguration of the President shall take place during the banquet of the Annual Meeting previous to the one of the future Site Conference Chairman.
During the term of Presidency the President shall automatically be appointed member of the Program Committee. The President shall be entitled to attend Committee Meetings but shall not be obliged to take part in the abstract review process.

All other officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall take office at the final Business Meeting of the same Annual Meeting.

Section 2.

The President shall be the principal Executive Officer of the Society and shall in general supervise and control all of the business affairs of the Society. The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and will serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee. The President will sign with the Secretary or the Treasurer any legal instrument which the Executive or Membership Committee has authorized to be executed. The President shall appoint all committees, except those specifically otherwise provided for in the By-Laws, and shall be ex-officio members of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 3.

The First Vice President shall preside at the meetings of the Society in the absence or upon the request of the President. In the event of the death or incapacity of the President, the First Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President. The First Vice-President shall also be the President-elect.

Section 4.

The Secretary shall keep Minutes of the Meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Assembly of the Society. The Secretary will see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the desires of the members and the officers of the Society. The Secretary shall keep a register of the addresses of each member which shall be furnished to him by each member. The Secretary shall maintain the correspondence of the Society and keep records of all meetings of each Committee and in general perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary, have charge and custody and be responsible for all funds and assets of the Society.

The Treasurer shall receive and give receipt for money due and payable to the Society from any source whatsoever, and to deposit all such money in the name of the Society in such banks and depositories as shall be appropriate. The Treasurer shall collect all funds and subscriptions and keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures and present a report to the Society on an annual basis.

Subscriptions and Dues

Section 1.

The annual subscription dues for active and corporate members shall be USD 150.00. It can be changed by the proposal to and approved by the General Assembly. The annual subscription dues for institutional members shall be USD 400.00. The liability for all categories of members shall explicitly be limited to payment of the individual subscription dues.

Section 2.

There shall be two different annual subscriptions for Sponsorship Corporate. Fees and associated conditions of Sponsorship Corporate can be changed by the proposal to and approved by the General Assembly.

a)USD 2’500.00, which will include a link on the web page of the Society, recognition of sponsorship at the annual meetings, nomination of two corporate memberships (membership fees waived), and one seat on the Commercial Partners Committee.

b)USD 1’000.00, which will include recognition of sponsorship at annual meetings and on the web page of the Society and nomination of one corporate membership (membership fees waived).


Section 1.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, the First- and Second-Vice-President, the immediate two Former-Presidents, the Secretary of the Society, the Treasurer, the Program Committee Chair and a Board Member at-large serving a one year term.
The Board Member at-large shall be selected for a one-year term through nominations and an email vote by the Executive Committee one month prior to the Annual Meeting.
The Executive Committee shall meet twice during the Annual Meeting, and shall hold a third meeting by conference call on the Saturday prior to the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Section 2.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be made up of five members. Four members shall be elected by the membership at the first Business Meeting of the General Assembly. The committee shall present nominations for the office of Secretary and Treasurer, two members of the Membership Committee, and two members of the Program Committee. Members of the Society who serve on the Nominating Committee are ineligible for re-election to the committee in the succeeding year. The Nominating Committee shall present its slate at the second Business Meeting of the General Assembly to be voted upon. Other nominations may be made from the floor at this time. The chairman shall be that elected member with the longest tenure of office.

Section 3.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee will be composed of five members of which one shall be the Secretary of the Society. The other four members shall serve staggered two year terms, two members being replaced each year. These members will be elected at the General Assembly. The Chairman shall be the elected member with the longest tenure of office.

Section 4.

Program Committee
The Program Committee shall consist of nine members, plus the President and the Secretary. The nine members but not the President and the Secretary shall serve staggered two year terms, two members being replaced each year. The Chairman shall be the elected member with the longest tenure of office. The President shall serve on the committee in order to coordinate meeting activities and the meeting schedule with the paper selection process, but shall not be obliged to take part in the abstract review process. The Program Committee will meet no later than seven weeks after the abstract submission deadline to finalise the selection process and the Annual Meeting program.

In its deliberations the Program Committee shall classify papers into the following categories:

a) Accepted for the Annual Program as oral presentation

b) Accepted for the Annual Program as special poster presentation.

c) Accepted for the Annual Program as poster.

Section 5.

Other Committees

Provision is made by the inclusion of this section for the creation of other standing or ad hoc committees that may be appropriate for fulfilling the objects, purposes and scopes of the Society.

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