Maurice E. Müller Award for Excellence in Computer Assisted Surgery

The Maurice E. Müller Award for Excellence in Computer Assisted Surgery is conferred at the Annual CAOS-International Meetings.
It recognizes a career long contribution to Computer Assisted Surgery, with achievements that have had a fundamental effect in advancing this research field.
A board of referees selects individuals whose contribution fostered excellence in Computer Assisted Surgery to the present.
From 1999-2012 has been sponsored by the M.E. Müller Foundation. Since 2013 the M.E.Müller Award endowed with CHF 5'000.00 is sponsored by Medacta International S.A.






Brian Davies, PhD, UK

He is a founder and Technical Director of the spin-off Company “Acrobot Limited”, who specialise in research and clinical application of minimally invasive robots for Orthopaedic Surgery



Scott Delp, PhD, USA

National Science Foundation and Faculty Fellowships from the Baxter Foundation and Powell Foundation.He is a Morgenthaler Faculty Scholar at Stanford and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.



Anthony DiGioia, III, M.D., USA

He specializes in adult reconstructive surgery including less and minimally invasive surgical techniques for total joint replacements.Dr. DiGioia was born and raised in Pittsburgh.



Lutz-P. Nolte, PhD, Switzerland

CAOS-USA, North America s twin of these conferences, as well as a considerable number of regional CAOS meetings were launched in the subsequent years, following the concept set by the Switzerland-based symposiums.



Russel H. Taylor, PhD, USA

The implementation of a robot into a surgical procedure demanded breakthrough technical solutions in many regards, which were one by one developed under the auspices of Russ Taylor, today one of the wordwide leading experts in medical robotics.



Philippe Cinquin, MD, PhD, France

Orthopaedic surgery is the area where Philippe Cinquin obtained most achievements, in particular for his inventions in spine, knee, and pelvic surgery.