Membership Benefits:

  • As there is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals to becoming the membership of prestigious organization at forefront of technology.
  • It also provides a chance to offer and do the fellowships in esteemed centres in adapting and transforming the future technology in your practice.
  • CAOS membership enhances personal profile and also furnish a chance for attracting more customers for organizations and hospitals.
  • These opportunities create a golden chance for individuals and organisations to be a part of network of people at vanguard, leading the world of orthopeadic surgery. That will generate and constitute a chance for individuals and the organization to represent their country and faculty in conferences and meetings and help their country in promoting advanced technology.
  • Another great benefit of CAOS membership is that organisations and individuals will carry out multiple research projects.

A member must demonstrate a continuing interest in the subject and the affairs of the Society. Annual payment of subscriptions, as these shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Meeting is required. You will find Information about the fees on the application form.

If you are interested in joining CAOS-International, please register on-line: